Hopkins Crank Ditchling Common East Sussex

Gill and Pepler came to Hopkins Crank in 1913 to start their experimental religious community

The Gill buildings on Ditchling Common are:-
Hopkins Crank -- Gills House,
Little Crank -- Gills Dairy,
Crank Barn -- Gills workshop,
Woodbarton -- Designed and built by Gill 1921,
Woodbarton Cottage (The sorrowful mysteries)-- Designed and built by Gill in 1921,
Marysfield (now July House) -- Designed and built by Pepler in 1939 for his daughter Mary

Hopkins Crank and outbuildings from the tennis court

Drawing of Hopkins Crank

Hopkins Crank from tennis court 1920's

Hopkins Crank 1908

Hopkins Crank courtyard

Winter 1950

Courtyard of Hopkins Crank 1920

Courtyard of Hopkins Crank 1920

Tennis on the lawn 1920s

Eric Gill and family

Hopkins Crank with Gill children

Hopkins Crucifix

Plaque on Hopkins Crank, carved by John Skelton, Eric Gills nephew

Aerial view of Hopkins Crank

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