Books illustrated or written by Eric Gill

The Devil's Devices or Control Versus Service. Pepler, Douglas, with 12 illustrations by Gill, all but one from wood-engravings. The Hampshire House Workshops. 1915

Welfare Handbook, No. 10 War Memorial. 1923

Christianity and Art. 1927

Art-nonsense and Other Cassell & Company, Limited 1929

Clothes. 1931. An Essay upon the Natue and Significance of the Natural and Artificial Integuments Worn by Men and Women.

Unemployment. London, 1933, illustration by Gill. Number 25 in bibliography by Evan Gill.

Art. London, 1934, An essay by Gill illustration of a design by Gill of a Laocoon (Trojan priest in Greek mythology)

An Essay on Typography. 1937

Money and Morals. London, 1937, with the inclusion of an additional essay, "Unemployment" and an additional 10 illustration by Denis Tegetmeier.

Trousers & The Most Precious Ornament. A publication written by Gill concerning dress. 1937

Unholy Trinity. Pictures by Denis Tegetmeier. London, 1938. 11 essays by Gill, 11 illustrations by Dennis Tegetmeier.

Sacred and Secular. London, 1940, with 8 illustrations by Denis Tegetmeier. Six essays.

In a Strange Land. London, 1944, Essays by Gill including "The Lord's Song," "It All Goes Together." With six wood-engravings by Gill.

It All Goes Together Selected Essays. New York, 1944, With 45 illustrations by Gill, essays by Gill.

Alphabet and Image No. 3. London, 1946. edited by Robert Harling, with an essay by Harling, "The Early Alphabets of Eric Gill."

All The Love Poems Of ShakespeareArt Deco Nude Engraving. 1947

Letters of Eric Gill. London, edited by Walter Shewring, 1947, with 11 illustrations by Gill.

25 Nudes. New York, 1950, introduction by Gill, 25 drawings on black in white line.

Eric Gill His Social and Artistic Roots. A biographical. Catich, Edward M. 1964

Harling, Robert. The Letter Forms and Type Designs of Eric Gill. Notes by Robert Harling. Boston, 1977, speciments of Joanna and color reproduction of alphabets by Gill cut in stone.

A Holy Tradition of Working: An Anthology of Writings, Golgonooza Press, 1983

Autobiography: Quod Ore Sumpsimus (What we have received). Jonathan Cape, 1940 (published posthumously) ISBN 1-87049

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