St Dominic's Press

Private printing press based at Ditchling in Sussex and founded by Eric Gill and Hillary Pepler

The Guild's symbol, The Hound of St Dominic by David Jones - 1922

When Hilary Pepler founded the St. Dominic's Press in 1916, he rejected the vision of the Book Beautiful embraced by William Morris over two decades earlier. Pepler printed the books he believed needed to be printed without undue concern setting especially high aesthetic standards. With his frequent collaborators the calligrapher and type designed Edward Johnston and the type designer and illustrator Eric Gill, he created books that were attractive while retaining their simplicity. St Dominic’s Press focused on three main areas, to promote the printed word through literary, religious and philosophical commentaries, to function as a jobbing press printing for the village, and to preserve craft knowledge.

Pepler printed books and the periodical The Game, but also a great range of ephemera, including posters, broadsides, calendars, and even labels for beer bottles. The commercial focus of the press allowed it to be successful well into the 1930s when many other private presses were failing.

By 1940 it had gradually become less active while Pepler directed his energy elsewhere, and it was purchased and renamed the Ditchling Press.

Eric Gill : Sculpture (1917 ) - Eric Gill
God and the Dragon by H D C P (1917) - Eric Gill
The Way of the Cross by H D C P (1917) - Eric Gill (1926. 4th Ed)
A Romney Green : Woodwork (1918) - Eric Gill
Eric Gill & H D Pepler : Concerning Dragons (1918)
Eric Gill : Birth Control (1918) - Eric Gill
Faith Ashford : A Soul Cake - Verses (1919 Douglas Pepler, St Dominic's Press, Ditchling)
H Pepler : Nisi Dominus Rimes (1919) Gill & Ralph Beedham
Emblems Engraved on Wood (1919 Hampshire House Press) - Eric Gill

A Cooaraswamy : Three Poems (1920) - Eric Gill
R John Beedham : Wood Engraving (1920) - intro & appendix by Eric Gill (1929 . 2nd Ed) - David Jones et al
Mary Elise Woellwarth : Songs to Our Lady of Silence (1921. 2nd Ed) - Desmond Chute
Eric Gill : Songs Without Clothes (1921) - 240. - Eric Gill

Frances Cornford : Autumn Midnight (1923 St Dominic's Press for The Poetry Bookshop) - Eric Gill
Eric Gill & H Pepler : In Petra - Being a Sequel of Nisi Dominus (1923) - David Jones
Jacques Maritain : The Philosophy of Art 91923)
Eric Gill : Wood Engravings (1924) - Eric Gill
Faith Ashford : Things Unseen - A Book of Verse (1924)
Eric Gill : Sculpture : An Essay on Stone Cutting, with a Preface about God
H Pepler : Libellus Lapidum (1924) - David Jones

W R Macklin & A Rigby : The Decorative Paintings in Christ's Hospital Chapel (1925)
H Pepler : Pertinent and Impertinent (1926) David Jones
H D C Pepler : Judas or the Betrayal (1926) (Compiler)
Gerald Cooper Bateman : A Countryman's Calendar (1927) - David Jones et al
H D Pepler : Bethlehem - A Tableau of the Nativity for Presentation by Children (1927)
A Simple Rosary Book (1927) - David Jones (Compiler)
M H Swinstead : The Affectionate Parent's Gift (1928)
Diary with Dominican Calendar and XII Wood Engravings (1928)
Sir Thomas More : The XII Propertees or Condicyons of a Lover (1928)
H D Pepler : Pilate : A Passion Play (1928)
H D C Pepler : Christmas Gifts (1928)
H D Pepler : Concerning Dragons (1929) - Eric Gill
Thomas A' Kempis : Meditations on Our Lady (1929). Philip Hagreen
H D Pepler : Saint Dominic Scenes - From the Life of the Saint in the Form of a Play (1929)
The Pieman. Small Rhyme Sheet No. 10. 1929
1929 -
H D Pepler :Saint Joan, a play in mime. 1934
H D Pepler :Mimes Sacred and Profane.

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